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Beautiful Weather Incoming

The unique thing about Florida is that no matter how cold the winter gets it doesn't last that long.

The holidays can be stressful but we know that right around the corner, Spring is coming. This quirky trait creates an excitement for renewal, new pursuits, and continued growth. We appreciate the lengthening days, the cool twilight hours, the comfortable afternoon temperatures and watch our very confused plants bloom multiple times.

Here are some outdoorsy ideas that can get Spring underway.

Host a Hobby Workshop outdoors:

Building and Flying kites, building planes, or just some science-y fun. This season boast lots of windy days and cool afternoons for picnics in the park.

Early Bird/Night Owl Fitness Classes:

Passion for fitness? Start a new endeavor. Host a Yoga, Piyo, Zumba, Aerobics, Step or TaiChi Class while making bit of money on the side.

Food! Food! and More Food!

Barbecues, Picnics, Cook-offs. If you like to cook, make it fun. Have a competition and share it with your friends or neighbors.


Times have been tough. Hire a counselor and build up moral. Sometimes a little get-a-way from the rush is all your team needs to reset and rebuild.

Now's the time to get creative!


5F Farm is located on the rural outskirts between Quincy and Havana. Taking into consideration the effect of Covid-19, we have temporarily waived deposits* for small events (less than 50 people). Chat with us online or send us a text if you have any questions.

*Refundable Maintenance fee still applies

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