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Community Feedback Request: Fitness Hours

Hello Family, Friends and Neighbors,

With summer and hot Florida weather approaching, we know it becomes a bit of a chore to commit to fitness when you have to drive to the park or schedule time at the gym. To help with your fitness goals we are considering opening up for community fitness hours.

Below are our proposed hours and rules to keep everyone safe and being able to have fun while fulfilling your health goals. Your feedback is requested and very much appreciated.

~5F Farm Fam


Community Fitness Hours Monday - Wednesday - Friday 4PM to 7PM (Sundown)

  1. Walk at your own risk.

  2. Wear appropriate footwear.

  3. No loitering.

  4. No Alcohol Consumption.

  5. Do Not Climb Stages or Cottage Porches

  6. Do Not Consume Wild Foliage.

  7. Dispose of Trash in nearest trash receptacle.

  8. Pets on leash are welcome. Please clean up waste.

  9. Please respect the personal space and belongings of other guests.

  10. CAUTION: Do not approach or interact with wild animals. Please note that the gravel drive is and leads up to private property and is not a part of the event center. Do not trespass on the gravel drive or residence at the back of property.

Contact us at 850-743-9497 with any questions or concerns. If there is no answer, please leave a message or text us as reception is limited and we will return your call.

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